THERE IS ALWAYS <br class="d-none d-xl-block">A WAY – <br>BUT WE KNOW <br class="d-none d-xl-block">HOW TO GO ABOUT IT.



Mass and class should go hand in hand 

Mass litigation can be dynamite. Their potential economic impact and enormous complexity present a formidable challenge. Legal expertise will not suffice to handle them successfully. What you need is years of mass litigation experience, and sophisticated technology.  We can offer both and more. 
Our process organization is designed to deal with the myriad different workflows involved, while also offering our clients highest possible flexibility and transparency.

A groundbreaking legal-tech platform makes sure we live up to this value proposition. Called JUNE, the tool is innovative, sophisticated, proven and productive. It meets all requirements that our clients deem essential: from integrating our relevant knowhow, to mapping all processes transparently. JUNE stands for efficiency, clarity, and predictable cost.  


This makes CLASSREACTION a completely new type of law firm that is geared towards one goal: handling mass litigation the smart way. Our teams will take care of all aspects involved: we provide strategic project planning and legal analysis; we manage all processes and interfaces; and we control processes, scale the teams, and monitor communication. In other words: CLASSREACTION is your representative when it comes to product liability, data protection, customer terms & conditions, consumer credit agreements, or coronavirus support grants. 

Mass always requires class.  Expect it from us.   

The challenge
Our case management platform
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We protect you from unpleasant challenges. Because we want to. And because we can.

The Technology
Because you deserve a sophisticated solution
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The transparency
Clarity requires a clear view
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The expertise
We have the experience that others would like to have
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Taking care of industries in mass litigation is the task to which we have dedicated ourselves.

The cost
“Whatever the cost” is not an option
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Peace of mind
We understand our business – and yours
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